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Who are we

Modern Knowledge supports professionals of training and education in digital transformation. We help you design and produce a digital learning / blended learning solutions, to upscale your training/educational program by making it more engaging and effective.
We offer services in consulting as well, to enlighten you on topics related to digital learning transformation and to resolve the related problems you might face.


Why "Modern Knowledge"?

A deep transformation of the relationship to knowledge in our society is now felt more than ever: employeeswe constantly need to learn new skills and diversify nos “caps”, independent -  de multiplier our “Swiss army knife” identity according to a geometric progression from one project to another. Teachers, we realize that the demands of our students are no longer the same: we can no longer content ourselves with providing teaching, however well prepared it may be, but we feel that it is necessary to ensure that it will serve the best the professional and personal project of the recipients of our courses. Finally, perpetuals learners we ourselves know that we no longer have the luxury once perceived as the norm  : that of making learning our only and main activity. And in fact, we learn all the time, everywhere and in many different ways. 

Who created Modern Knowledge?

Modern Knowledge as a project was launched in 2020 by Galina Durinova, doctor in linguistics and conceptual history, Instructional Designer and Digital Learning project manager. 

Initially Modern Knowledge was a virtual research laboratory in the humanities and social sciences, with the aim of giving researchers (institutional and independent) a space for exchange and collaboration. 

During its first year of existence Modern Knowledge has organized around ten online seminars with researchers from different countries and fields of specialization.

We realized that the precariousness of researchers and the crisis of the system of institutionalization of research is only a small part of a deeper crisis antransformation of our relationship to knowledge, of the circulation of knowledge in contemporary society and under given economic models

Since 2023, the project has evolved into its current form, addressing both the issue of production and transmission of professional knowledge in the broad sense and by developing a double offer (e-learning production and online courses catalog) to better meet the needs of training, teaching and research stakeholders. 

How can we help you?

We can help you:
- design intelligent, precise, learner-centered, visually appealing training programs;
- turn your content into a clear lesson script free of spelling and grammatical errors, or 

​-  create training materials with mat expertsst;

- find the best educational solution corresponding to your specific need (digital/blended learning, rapid learning), as well as an appropriate form of content distribution (video, podcast, animation, etc.),
- design and implement an appropriate evaluation system, 

- set up a strategy for the development of your learning products adapted to the context of the digital / agile transformation of your company.

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