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Strategic consulting
in learning products development

Modern Knowledge is committed to:





Deliver a solution

Solutions to the needs of:

  • the digital transformation of training,

  • the use of digital technology in your teaching practices,

  • the design and development of your learning products, 

  • their positioning in your market sector, 

  • the strategic analysis of the implementation of educational programs related to the digital / agile transformation of your company.

Our Offers

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"Discovery" package

Consultation & micro-accompaniment

You are thinking of embarking on the digitalization of your training (or the launch of an e-learning offer), but you do not really know if it is necessary, possible at the current stage... You are a little confused in the information and the existing possibilities, you do not know how to get started, and you have trouble projecting yourself into the concrete steps.

The “Discovery Pack” offers you a first approach to the question “Digital learning and my business”. This offer will allow you to remove certain doubts and clarify your vision of the procedure to follow. This is an opportunity to ask questions and draw conclusions tailored to your unique situation.

This offer includes:

A consultation (1h) to answer your questions, take stock of your current state of digitization, take stock of your needs and give you reasoned feedback.

The objective of this micro-accompaniment being to

  • define if digital learning would be the solution for you;

  • if not: advice on the timing to choose to think about introducing digital learning;

  • if yes :

  • what would be the steps to set it up.

  • Definition (for information only* - for the precise analysis - see the “Audit & Consulting” offer) of the necessary skills, tools and budget.

  • Direct you towards the appropriate support and/or service in order to pursue the development of your project.

  • Follow-up (1 week): emails, What's up (messages). 

Réserver un créneau de 30 min gratuit pour parler de votre besoin, personnaliser l'offre et demander un devis

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Accompaniment Pack 

Audit & Consulting

You have a project of creation and marketing of a learning product (you have already started to create your learning product or at least have made the decision to do so). 

You need support from A to Z in the process of analysis, design and implementation of your digital learning product. 

The "Audit & Consulting" offer is our complete offer to be advised, guided and exempted from the concrete tasks to be carried out and which we will take care of by becoming the Product Owner / Project Manager of your digital learning offer.

This offer includes:

State of play of the company's digitization project

           Document n. 1 to produceSummary note on the company's digital maturity  with a view to                   integrating or developing a digital learning offer.

Analysis of your training project / existing offer

Audit of the digital strategy for training (learning product). 

           Document n. 2 to produceSpecifications for your training project.

Tailor-made assessment & advice
            Document n. 3 to produce: Action plan to implement or optimize your learning project.

All this with: 

3 video appointments (each lasting one hour).

1 month of follow-up (mail exchanges/voice messages).


First exchange to take stock of the starting situation and refine the need.

Subscription to the offer (payment)

Definition of information / documents needed for the audit.

A second appointment to take stock of the initial situation and refine the need.

Analysis and production of deliverables.

Delivery of documents.

A third meeting to take stock of the results of the analysis, discuss the proposed action plan and define the support for the implementation of the e-learning project.

Follow-up (email, voice messages): 1 month.

And after ?

You continue the production of your learning product with us (see the offer “Customized digital learning”) or not, this accompaniment gives you a solid frame to lay the foundations for your future e-learning project. If you continue with us,  the elements already carried out and which are part of any framework for an e-learning project (specifications, context & need analysis, etc.) will not be invoiced to you (even if new elements are to be brought and taken into account).

If you are looking for a other partner for the production part of your project, you will have 
all keys in hand to clearly formulate your request for a service provider to be recruited: the specifications, the necessary tools, a clear understanding of the volume of work, the steps to be taken, the deadlines (approximate). Understanding all of these components gives you a security regarding the quality of service. You are therefore in a position of competence that will allow you to find a professional who meets the needs of your project without wasting your time. 

Book a free 15 min appointment to talk about your needs, personalize the offer and request a quote:

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