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Digital-learning which fits your project

  • Analysis of the needs of your training project

  • Choice of training distribution format (remote, hybrid)

  • Choice of training production format (video animation capsules, interactive module, quiz, podcast, presentation, collaborative project, etc.)

  • Definition of the specifications
    Instructional design

  • Creation of the scenario, the storyboard

  • Multimedia production (visuals, voice-overs, animations)

  • Writing/editing existing content (UX copywriting)

  • Co-creation of content with business experts 

What is Instructional Design ?

Instructional design is the process and the result deep and multidimensional analytical work, aimed at solving problems related to professional skills by delivering educational content to one or more types of learners.
Thus, the work of an instructional designer is not a mechanical activity defined once and for all, but depends on several variables that force the designer to be an 
agile and intellectually dynamic problem-solver. These variables can be defined by the following questions: - What is the problem to be solved? - What is the objective of this particular training? - What is the context of the training? - To whom Is the training given? – How to judge if the training is effective?


What should be checked before committing to the digital learning solution?

We value  a holistic approach to the learning process: although I focus on digital solutions, I always keep in mindsprit that a) digital learning is only one of the possible solutions, b) training  itself is not always a solution to performance issues,de quality, or a necessary transformation. SO,before engaging my client in a specific digital learning design solution, I need some crucial elements that allow me to analyze the context, the problem, the need and to confirm or not that digital learning is the solution you need.
If not, don't waste your time and money, our honesty is for free 😊
If digital learning is t
he solution you need, then great, a fascinating journey is about to begin!

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