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Digital transformation
Learning products development
Complex skills training

Our services and offers

  • Customized digital learning
    Design and production of your e-learning modules in various formats (interactive module, animation, mobile & rapid learning, etc.).
  • Strategic consulting in digital / agile transformation and skills development
    We help you: 1. Understand how to upskill your teams when implementing a digital / agile transformation. 2. Define the learning products to be developed. 3. Design, deploy, integrate and test them.
  • Strategic consulting in Instructional Design
    We perform the analysis: needs, the learning context, KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of the educational program, adapted teaching models, evaluation systems needed, roadmaps, resources to carry out the project.
  • Online course
    Building on its past as a virtual laboratory for social science research and human, Modern Knowledge is developing a unique offering of online courses dedicated to complex skills, such as: understanding and analysis of the contemporary world (international relations, economic crises, global instability), information processing and structuring , development of concepts (product, training offer). These online courses, which are accessible via an Intra license (company, university, institution) or Inter (individuals) are intended for (future) analysts, managers, business strategy managers, marketing managers, consulting specialists (risk analysis , etc.)
  • Customized digital-learning package
    Service may* include the following: · Analysis of learning needs and context. · Drafting of the project specifications (if applicable). · Elaboration of the scenario of the e-learning modules. · Definition of format(s) and production tools. Writing a storyboard. · Writing the voice-over. · Production of modules. · Test on our platform. Preparation of SCORM or other deliverable. · Implementation of the modules in an LMS platform. · Post-production follow-up and quality control (1 month since the delivery of the SCORM).
  • Pack "Discovery: Consultation & micro-accompaniment"
    The “Discovery Pack” offers you a first approach to the question “Digital learning and my business”. This offer will allow you to remove some doubts and clarify your vision of the procedure to follow. This is an opportunity to ask questions and draw conclusions tailored to your unique situation. C.f. : the "Support" page.
  • Pack "Support: Audit & Consulting"
    Complete support including consultations, monitoring, deliverables to be produced, an audit and a project report.
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