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Welcome to
Modern Knowledge Academy 

Research and the professional world

Modern Knowledge Academy is the educational project developed by Modern Knowledge. 

This project aims to bring research in the fields of human and social sciences closer to the general public of professionals in intellectual services (also called "knowledge workers"): training, teaching, consulting, analysis, marketing...

We produce online courses in theoretical disciplines and with high potential for application to various practical professions:  

  • Geopolitics & analysis of international relations, 

  • Conceptual history & political philosophy

These themes contribute to developing analytical and critical capacities, to building a thorough and solid knowledge of the contemporary world through its history. 


Topics of ours courses

Our courses are hosted on the LMS platform at

To see the catalog of all the themes, register, buy and follow a course, go to this platform:

Our commitment

Original and unique content

Our online courses are original intellectual products, built entirely by their authors. We do not limit ourselves to proposing simple structuring and summaries of information accessible elsewhere (even if this aspect is naturally part of the theoretical parts and is also their richness), but our primary ambition is to deliver you content based on the original analysis, the result of quality cognitive work.

Our content is thus not "googlable", but always presents its sources explicitly (the authors and the texts analyzed, the references, etc.). 

These commitments to quality content ensure the learning experience is as solid as it is unique.

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