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Galina Durinova, PhD

Conceptual Historian | Visiting researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden

Digital learning Designer | Founder of Modern Knowledge

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Address (head office):

17, rue de Rosheim, 67000 Strasbourg

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Why did I create Modern Knowledge? 

I have been a researcher and teacher for almost 13 years, and I have a real passion for learning and knowledge transmission. I enjoy structuring the chaos of information, transforming it into an idea, a design, a message.  I found both of those passions in the profession of digital learning designer.

I value the potential of the digital pedagogy to make effective, high-quality training possible.

Digital indeed allows 

  • to transform the learning ecology,

  • to rethink the pedagogical model itself in order to adapt it to today's needs.


These needs are no longer the same as when our "massive" education system emerged (roughly, in the 19th century). 


"New learning" 

I consider myself a follower of the paradigm "new learning" developed in particular by the team of researchers in Education Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (in the United States), whose training I was able to follow.
"New learning" is the teaching practices that are not limited by the so-called "transmissive" model (where the teacher transmits information to the learner who "consumes" it passively) and which puts digital technology at the service of these practices. It is therefore not a question of reproducing the "classic" practices of teaching via digital, nor even less of having the objective of becoming "digital-centric", but of tapping into the educational potential offered by "the ecology" from digital education to real learning needs. 

Online course platform: what to teach?

Besides my fascination for digital pedagogy, I find that digital is a real opportunity for researchers enhance their expertise, which remains, alas too often, "locked up" in academic institutions, without ever reaching a wider audience.

In the changing and unstable world in which we live, we need all the more to master complex and specific knowledge, know how to carry out a critical analysis and think independently. This is only possible if we allow our mind to open up to the world in its complexity and depth.

This is precisely what researchers practice every day ;) So why not put them in relation to what they need? This is what we are doing via our second offer which is online course platform (expected launch in 2023). 

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