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Galina Durinova

Strasburg, France
co-founder & administrator in the "Empire & Ethnographies" lab

PhD in Russian Philology, linguistics (Lomonosov Moscow State university), PhD candidate in Slavic literatures (Basel university), Digital learning designer (Nanterre university & Ecoles des Gobélins).

Academic interests: history of socio-political concepts, intellectual history (18-19th centuries), colonial history, sociology of literature, historical semantics; learning ecology, pedagogy for adults, EdTech, pedagogical innovation.

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Thomas Van der Hallen

Paris, France
co-founder & administrator in the "Praxis" lab

PhD in philosophy and modern history (Pantheon-Sorbonne university)
Academic interests: dialectis, history of the idea of Revolution


Nikolay Koposov

Atlanta, USA
Supportive member

Professor of Russian history at Emory university

Academic interests: modern European intellectual history, history of concepts, historiography and historical memory.


Arkadiy Avdokhin

Moscow, Russia
associate member in the "Empire & Ethnographies" lab

PhD in classics (King's College London)

Academic interests: late antiquity, early Christianity, Christianization and the material culture of Byzantium

Old Study

Mathilde Matras

Geneva,  Switzerland

associate member in the "Empire & Ethnographies" lab

PhD candidate  (University of Geneva)
Academic interests: history of Russian Empire,  history of science, imperial ethnography and Russian populists

Old Study

Ayur Zhanaev

Warsaw, Poland
associate member in the  "Empire & Ethnographies" lab

PhD in sociology (Warsaw university)

Academic interests: historic sociology, notion of social order, regional history