Appel à participation

The independent online research and teaching project “Modern knowledge online” invites scholars to join our work(ing) group (regular online seminar)

“Imperial, national, colonial: intellectual and social practices of appropriation of territories and peoples in the Russian Empire of the long 19th century”.

This research laboratory aims to bring together researchers working in different disciplines (including conceptual history, global history, regional history, philosophy, sociology, literary studies, linguistics - the list remains open) whose primary or secondary research object is Russian Empire.

The following topics will be central to our work:

  • Production of knowledge in the imperial situation and its circulation

  • Social structures and their dynamics in the temporality of the Empire

  • Intellectual practices of the justification of territorial expansion

  • “Politic dialects”: the political language of intellectuals, writers, statesmen (19th century)

  • Notions and concepts that gave shape to the lexicon of the Russian colonialism

  • Political movements and the problem of ethnic diversity in the Empire

  • Cultural and social transformations of borderland spaces

  • The role of literature in the social transformations of the Russian Empire of the second half of the 19th century


Modern knowledge project is a non-institutional online community of scholars willing to share their work in progress with others who work on the similar questions, from the perspectives of different disciplines (as listed above).

The participation in the regular online seminar is completely voluntary, no formal affiliation, or remuneration, is provided. (Please visit the project’s web page accessible in French, Russian or English to learn more about our project and its research initiatives: ).


We started this project only a few weeks ago, so the web site, the texts, and the forms of participation are still very much taking their shape. The first seminar is to be held on the 5th of October. The program is complete for the fall semester 2020, but it is still possible to choose a session to present your work during the spring semester.

We are especially seeking for early career scholars (MA and PhD students, postdocs) who will be willing to participate in the seminar on a regular basis discussing academic books recently read, hypothesis and ideas as well as giving air to “silly” questions, all to facilitate our research progress, both collective and individual. However, established scholars are also welcome to join us as invited speakers with lectures on the topics of their expertise.


Please contact us via the web site contact form (“Collaborate” section) or via galina.dourinova@gmail by providing the information about yourself and your research:

We are really looking forward to getting know, and hearing from, you.


on behalf of the Modern Knowledge

Galina Durinova

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